Myths Busted

November 09, 2006


myth, busted, thorstacker, telescopic portable radial conveyor

Myth: Thor is not "Heavy Duty" 

Thor’s patented LES (load equalizing system) has been designed to evenly distribute the continually shifting loads of the inner conveyor evenly and effectively. The design eliminates point loading and negates the need for bigger, bulkier, difficult to transport designs. 

Myth: Thor requires you to have a concrete runway

Thor’s power transmission system, our reliable gearbox and chain drive assembly has provided reliable, worry free operation for years. For operators who operate in extremely muddy and uneven terrain, Thor offers the CUAL WHEEL RIVE option hat will move along whatever terrain you set it on. Our system is at least $27,000 less than that offered by other manufacturers 

MYTH: Thor has limited stockpile programs

Thor offers a Zero segregation program, an inline program, a standard partially desegregated program, bin loading program, and a barge loading program. We also work with end users to customize programs as per their requirements.

MYTH: THOR requires you to pour a concrete anchor pad

Thor has a fabricated anchor pad that sits inside the hopper for easy transport. Unlike the system used by some of our competitors, we do not require you to drive spikes into the ground to keep the tail end of your stacker stable.

MYTH: THOR's idlers are inferior

We use CEMA C idlers, standard equipment that outlasts any standard idler offered by our competitors.  

MYTH: THOR REQUIRES YOU TO pay extra for vulcanized splice

Thor offers vulcanized spliced conveyor belts STANDARD on all Thor telescopic stackers.

MYTH: THOR makes a light conveyor

Thor manufactures a well designed, superbly engineered state of the art telescopic conveyor. Our engineers use solid modeling software and award winning state of the art FEA (finite element analysis) software to simulate real life operating conditions. The conveyor is designed to exceed the design parameters as specified by those advanced programs, the same programs that are used o design and analyze advanced fighter jets.