December 20, 2016

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Thor's Hammer Axle™

October 30, 2015

Cut your set-up and tear down time in half with Thor Global’s Hammer Axle™.

Thor’s Fold Up Hammer Axle™ is simple and unique as the main cylinders meet at a common pivot point at the centre of the head undercarriage, reducing stresses on the overall structure of the machine. Select models of ThorStacker™ and ThorLoPro™ conveyors have been redesigned to accommodate the new Hammer Axle™ design. Both outriggers sit on a walking beam to provide balanced pressure to ground on unlevel terrains. Adjust the main cylinders to compensate for minor slope variations and maintain a smooth radial motion. Walking beams have also been added to both transport axles on all Hammer Axle™ stackers for improved onsite mobility.


Thor’s FU Hammer Axle™ has the widest radial footprint in the industry providing greater structural stability. Standard features of the Hammer Axle™ include electric drive, VFD for smooth travel and all terrain tires that work well in rough terrain. Optional OTR tires for more serious conditions available on request. Additional safety features include a check valve to ensure no hydraulic creep occurs while in operation. 


Thor’s Fold Up Hammer Axle™ is currently available on all 36in telescopic conveyors up to 150ft. For more information please contact your local Thor representative 

Sand & Gravel Operation Acquires Second ThorLoPro

August 23, 2013

A sand and gravel operation in Wisconsin recently acquired a second ThorLoPro™ telescopic stacker. The LPT150x36-0800 unit was purchased to run 3/4in washed stone along with an LPT140x36-0500 running washed ready mix aggregate.


Operations manager Jeff Konop enjoys how easy the machine is to use, "when you come in and move it within the plant there's very little to set up. The drop height is nice and you don't have to worry about putting conveyors up in the air, you just slide them into position and go."

The ThorLoPro™ low profile telescopic portable radial conveyor features the lowest feed height in the industry. Thor Global has improved the overall structural design of this telescopic stacker with the patented low profile assembly. The new design has resulted in a more versatile product that is both easier to set-up and operate.

By relocating the hinge point away from the receiving hopper, the pivot point remains constant at all times. Since the hopper does not move, the material always hits the same area. Great for all applications! The low drop height of the ThorLoPro™ makes this stacker easier to line material into the hopper.

To view the LPT in action check out our video.

ThorLoPro for Mining Gold in Mexico

April 08, 2013

Thor Global has delivered a ThorLoPro low profile portable radial telescopic conveyor to a gold heap leaching application in Mexico. At this location, gold ore is crushed and conveyed from two separate crushing plants into a surge pile that feeds multiple transfer conveyors, a bridge conveyor and finally the LPT140x42-1200, 140ft (42.7m) by 42in (1050mm) low profile telescopic stacker.


The LPT140 fits perfectly into the site’s existing low profile bridge or indexing conveyor via a rotating pivot pin system. Thor Global designed a custom removable 5th wheel pin to accommodate this unique operations mode anchoring system. The patented low profile design has the added benefit of preventing spillage due to the fact that the feed point height remains constant while the conveyor is being raised and lowered. Dual radial wheel  drives was an essential optional feature for this application in order to overcome the inherent difficulties of operating over several layers of previously stockpiled material.

Thor Global’s patented push down axles are instrumental in providing a seamless LIVE operation for this heap leaching application. This optional feature allows the operator to move the telescopic conveyor multiple times without shutting down any belts in the conveying sequence. As the push down axles are engaged the radial arms rise off the ground, while remaining in their fully extended radial mode. The bridge conveyor then pulls the telescopic back into its next position. During this entire transition, material continues running off the belts NONSTOP!